March 23, 2020


The 1st thing we all see when we look at someone is their face, better yet, their skin! When our skin is on point, we feel we can conquer the world. Glowing skin is our best accessory! But when this isn’t the case, how do we obtain our best complexion when the world is conspiring against us, from our age to environmental factors. How do we age gracefully and always look our best?

In this day and age, it’s not just the baby boomers that are concerned with turning back the hands of time. When we hit our late 20s, we slowly start to see wrinkles diminishing our glow, and our complexions begin to dull. Even younger generations start thinking about what they can do to maintain their youthful appearance! Putting a wrench in the aging process has become a universal obsession. Although scientifically we cant stop time, but we sure as hell can manipulate the process, with the right knowledge and steps we can slow down the aging process!

Let us show you how..

Protective measures
Age group 10-18

Lucky you, that baby soft complexion, in this stage you may start seeing hormonal changes. You do not need to start with a ton of products, this is the stage we learn to build proper skincare habits, by creating a simple regimen.  Lets talk protective skincare.

Begin with the basics

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These steps may alter depending on where you are in the age group, always talk to a professional before purchasing your first products.
If you are in your teenage years and experiencing hormonal breakouts, you will need to start focusing on balancing the oils and keeping the skin clean at all times. Add salicylic and spot treatments to your regimen (Please advise a professional before purchasing).

To nourish and protect the skin as you age, start wearing SPF everyday! This will keep your skin young, and protect against damage.

Begin treatments after hormonal shifts.
Customized facials are highly recommended this way your professional can design the treatment to target problem areas.

Wear SPF30 everyday.
Don’t use tanning beds.
Don’t pop your own pimples.
Refrain from mainstream products that do not cater to your skin type or concern- you must use products that are right for you!
Don’t use foundation if you’re not COVERING UP anything.

Age group- 19-35

We are at a stage where things are starting to change, why are we looking so tired? And what is this line? I’m never smiling again, why are they so deep? Can you relate? Let’s talk Preventative measures.

At this stage, we are starting to add products to our basic lines.
What we need to add:
Talk to a professional to add the right products for you.

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In the preventative stage, we need to do just that- Prevent. When adding serums, we have to follow serums to prevent against our skin concerns, for example:
Antioxidants to fight against environmental factors, and to rejuvenate the skin, most popular is VITAMIN C.

Retinol; if there was a magic product in the industry retinol would be it, it’s the closest thing to a magic potion. Everyone in this stage should be on retinol, it will help strengthen the cells, shrink pore size, fight against environmental damage, brighten complexions, slow the aging process, stimulate collagen and elastin, minimize breakouts. Didn’t I say it was magic!

Hyaluronic acid based serums, this will help build hydration in the skin, its also naturally found in the skin, it’s the ingredient that helps build collagen keeping the skin plumed.

Exfoliation is key during the stage, it helps keep skin rejuvenated, and removes all the “gunk” that’s clogging our pores, allowing all the healthy ingredients penetrate through the skin.

There are multiple treatments to help fight signs of aging, talking to a skincare professional will help you create the most effective anti-aging plan including at home regimens and in spa treatments.

Some treatments to look into:
Micro needling, Viva, IPL, customized treatments using RED LIGHT THERAPY, and Hyaluronic acid infused treatments.

Lifestyle tips
Manipulate the aging process from the inside out, this means we just can’t eat anything anymore. Trade the pizza and burgers for balanced meal!

More veggies and water
Lots of sleep
Minimize stress, do more meditative activities
Forget Sally, SPF is your new best friend!!
Purchase an at-home RED light therapy machine, RED LIGHT EVERY NIGHT!

Age group: 40 +

In this stage, its like gravity is working against us! Everything is drooping, in all the wrong places!


There’s no Benjamin button formula invented yet, so at this stage we need to be consistent and diligent with our routine. This means adding stimulating ingredients at home and focusing more on in spa treatments to achieve deeper results.

Hyaluronic acid serums
Stem cells

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These ingredients will keep strengthen the supportive tissues, increasing overall skin health and stimulating more collagen.

Micro needling
RF energy lift treatments
Resurfacing Treatments
IPL Photo rejuvenation treatments

Following the steps in the preventative stage will help manipulate the aging process while focusing on more collagen stimulating ingredients and treatments.

Focus on changing your biological age, with healthy diet and exercise, keeping the body young will reflect onto the skin.
Changing negative habits, minimizing alcohol intake and smoking!
Increase vitamin intake.
wear SPF everyday!
Changing sleeping position, sleeping on your back and elevated helps blood flow, which can help with wrinkle reduction.

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