New clients please arrive 15min before your appointment to fill out consultation forms. CANCELLATIONS: Must be 48hrs prior to scheduled appointment. If 15min late, please note appointment will be rescheduled, as we want to provide you with the best service, and 15min after scheduled time will not allow us enough time to complete your service.
There will be times your aesthetician will be running behind, please be patient!
NO REFUNDS: Exchange only
Products may be exchanged within a 2 week time frame. Services may be exchanged or transferred toward a credit.

* Please inform your technician of any medications, light therapy procedures, or OTC products that may have a thinning or photosensitive effect of the skin. Facial treatments will not be conducted within a 2 week minimum time frame after cosmetic injectables.


Please shave prior to appointments and avoid ultra violet and sun exposure before and after treatment. Sessions are scheduled in 4-6 week intervals. Avoid all hair removal methods that remove the hair from the follicle for a minimum of 6 weeks before laser session


Do not touch the skin with water, products, or makeup for 24hrs after treatment, no exfoliation for 1-2 weeks. Avoid sun exposure, saunas, hot rooms, and tanning beds. Expect the skin to be red and sensitive immediately after treatment, this lasts for 1-2hrs. Skin will be rough and textured for 1-2 weeks. Results may vary.


Stop using Retinols/Retin A 1 week prior to appointment. No sun exposure, saunas, or hot rooms 24-48 hrs after treatment. Expect redness and slight sensitivites.


Do not exfoliate 48 hrs prior to appointment Stop all retinols or topical medications 1 week prior to appointment Expect induced peeling 2-4 days after your appointment, this may last up to 2 weeks These peels are designed to treat the skin from within, so if visible peeling does not occur it does not mean your treatment was not successful.


Keep skin hydrated throughout peeling process Use hydrocortisone based cream if experiencing inflammation or irritation Wear SPF DAILY!
AVOID: hot rooms, steam rooms, excessive exercise and sun exposure after appointment as they may cause irritation and sensitivities.