Starlight Policies

New clients please arrive 15min before your appointment to fill out consultation forms. CANCELLATIONS: Must be 48hrs prior to scheduled appointment. If 15min late, please note appointment will be rescheduled, as we want to provide you with the best service, and 15min after scheduled time will not allow us enough time to complete your service.
There will be times your aesthetician will be running behind, please be patient!
NO REFUNDS: Exchange only


Please shave prior to appointments and avoid ultra violet and sun exposure before and after treatment. Sessions are scheduled in 4-6 week intervals. Avoid all hair removal methods that remove the hair from the follicle for a minimum of 6 weeks before laser session


Stop using Retinols/Retin A 1 week prior to appointment. No sun exposure, saunas, or hot rooms 24-48 hrs after treatment. Expect redness and slight sensitivites.


Do not exfoliate 48 hrs prior to appointment Stop all retinols or topical medications 1 week prior to appointment Expect induced peeling 2-4 days after your appointment, this may last up to 2 weeks These peels are designed to treat the skin from within, so if visible peeling does not occur it does not mean your treatment was not successful.


Keep skin hydrated throughout peeling process Use hydrocortisone based cream if experiencing inflammation or irritation Wear SPF DAILY!
AVOID: hot rooms, steam rooms, excessive exercise and sun exposure after appointment as they may cause irritation and sensitivities.


Are you a good candidate for teeth whitening?
First I would like to give you some more insight on your sensitivity/ worn enamel etc. Yes, over exposure to whitening material can eventually wear out your enamel. That is why I recommend in office treatment versus take home products which you need to expose your teeth to the whitening material over a long time to get to your desired shade. There are also a lot of other factors to why your enamel may have worn out over the years:
1. Age is a big factor (we use our teeth all the time)
2. Clenching and grinding can wear out enamel as well as cause sensitivity (most common factor for sensitivity)
3. Your diet, especially a diet high in acidity can destroy enamel (I recommend drinking everything through a straw)
4. Simply, brushing to aggressively, I see it all the time, some people even create notches in their teeth from brushing to hard (always use a soft bristled tooth brush not only is it more delicate it actually gets into hard to reach area better)
*receded gums can also create sensitivity as your roots are exposed*
So how to deal with worn enamel and sensitivity?
1. Do not use take home whitening material and have your teeth professionally whitened in office maximum twice a year
2. Brush with a soft bristled toothbrush
3. Use sensodyne toothpaste
4. Don’t eat or drink anything to cold or hot as that just irritates the nerve in the tooth
5. Use desensitizing gels/trays on a regular basis to calm the nerves (I sell UltraEz trays to use at home which include fluoride and potassium nitrate to keep sensitivity levels low).
Any whitening comes with a risk of sensitivity. I have patients with absolutely NO sensitivity after treatment and some who have some sensitivity which last the first 24-48 hours. Every patient is different. I provide a pre fluoride treatment as well as post treatment paste I apply to remineralizer and help desensitize the teeth. The material I use is formulated with fluoride and potassium nitrate as well with a almost neutral PH level (the closer to neutral the less sensitivity)
Currently we are having a promo for 2 back to back sessions in 1 appointment for the price of $180. This includes a take home hygiene package and you will have the option to purchase take home desensitizing trays that will help with any sensitivity you may experience post treatment.


Please don’t have anything to hot or cold 48hrs prior to your appointment Try to eat prior to the appointment, as you cannot eat for 2-3 hrs after.
All materials used are ONLY distributed to dental professionals.