Quarantine Skincare

Social distancing and isolation is our new norm during this, what we hope will be a short time. This means 24hrs inside our homes. Our skin is subjected to low air flow and stagnant, warm air from our indoor heating systems, which can cause havoc to those beautiful results you’ve been experiencing from ‘in spa, medical grade treatments’. So what can we do at home to maintain a healthy glow?

Now that we have the time to extend our steps from our usual routine to a more in depth routine means adding a double cleanse, layering our serums, and adding face masks.

Our Quarantine Routine


Oil cleansers help remove any oil-based products from the skin (for example SPF & makeup). This is also a great product to use to give yourself a lymphatic massage (youtube lymphatic techniques).


We highly recommend a double cleanse with this product, as this will guarantee a deep clean, removing any excess residue left behind from the oil cleanse.


Exfoliation is key to create a bright, smooth complexion. This step removes dead skin cell build up within the pores. Exfoliation also helps the skin to absorb the ingredients in the following steps.
( if you’d like to extend your regimen further, cleanse again after an exfoliation).


This step removes any residue left over from the cleanser, balances your pH levels, and preps the skin for the following steps.


During this step we relax and meditate positive skin thoughts! Whatever the purpose of your mask, use your it for the recommended time, allowing for your skin to absorb all those yummy ingredients.
(after this step, you have the option to tone the skin again).

*At home masks found at the end of this article

6. Treatments

Our serums are our treatments, as they are jam packed with highly concentrated ingredients. This is the time we treat whatever our skins concerns are.
We are able to treat multiple concerns by layering our treatment serums.

* The key to layering is start with the lightest consistency, ending with the richest. *Water-based serums should be applied 1st
*Retinols should not be applied with any other serums, or if you have exfoliated.


The eye area is the most gentle, with the thinnest skin. Eye creams are super important as they help minimize puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles!


This step is one of our favourites as it seals in moisture, plumping and smoothing the complexion! It acts as a barrier to keep water and healthy ingreidents inside the dermal and epidermal tissues.

9. SPF

One of the most important steps in the AM. This is the best way to help prevent premature aging, and stop damage to the skin. Even in quarantine, UV light filters in from windows.

If you can spare some of your quarantine snacks, make a healthy face mask
Some great ingredients to use:

Always use honey as a base as this is great for all skin types, its anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, soothes sensitive skin and smells great!
Ingredients to mix in:
egg white


* You can also add a few drops of your favourite serums into your home made masks

For any additional questions regarding skincare please contact @starlightmedspa.

Lets stay focused on our skin goals. We hope everyone is staying safe during this time

March 23, 2020


Quarantine Skincare Social distancing and isolation is our new norm during this, what we hope will be a short time. This means 24hrs inside our homes. […]